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Jul 23, 2008


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ok, so this post isn't really about the NBA, it's actually about the female version-- the WNBA. last night, arguably the most interesting story to come out of that league in quite some time took place during between the Detroit Shock and the LA Sparks (you should note that there is at least some sort of rivalry between these two teams). it all began when Detroit's Cheryl Ford and LA's Candace Parker got tangled up in a messy foul, heightening emotions. Moments later during a free throw, Parker gets caught up in Detroit's Plenette Pierson box-out and both fall to the ground. Pierson gets up quickly and walks over Parker before she can get up, but ends up tripping and falling to the ground again. before you know it, Parker throws a punch and players and coaches are suddenly trying to stop the "brawl" from continuing. in the midst of all the action Detroit assistant coach Rick Mahorn pushes Lisa Leslie, probably the wnba's most famous player, and she ends up on the ground. cheryl ford also has to be transported away in a wheelchair.

now you may have noticed that i put the word brawl in quotes. this is because you can't possibly consider this incident a brawl! sure, a few punches were thrown, people ended up on the ground, and Ford got injured. but this wasn't a full-out melee; people weren't flying left and right and attacking each other with hate in the eyes. most were just trying to separate the people who did show any signs of hostility. PLUS, this was nothing compared to the Ron Artest incident that took place four years ago, ironically in this very same arena.

on another note, many people are discussing Mahorn's role in the situation. although he may seem like a person at fault, one must put things into perspective. back during the aforementioned Ron Artest incident, Mahorn was one of the people who went into the crowd to try and pull Artest away from the fans. Coaches on both teams have also stated their belief that his intentions were completely pure, and that he was merely a peacemaker. "But he pushed down Lisa Leslie!" you might exclaim. however, stop for a second and take a look at the man. he is freakin huge! just a gentle shove from that guy would send most people flying. therefore no one can blame Mahorn and he should not get punished for ACCIDENTALLY knocking down Leslie. (besides, Leslie's teammate DeLisha Milton-Jones already got revenge for her homie. too bad even a punch from the behind did nothing to faze Mahorn)

when it all comes down to it, the person to blame for all this shenanigans is Pierson. closer examination of the tape reveals that she continued her box-out of Parker beyond the time when the free throw shot went through the net, so it's not Parker's fault that they get entangled and fell down. who does she think she is, acting all thug and walking over Parker while shes still on the ground? and then Pierson trips and falls down again. funny really do get what you deserve.

interesting facts about Candace Parker: she is one of the up-and-coming stars of the wnba. drafted first overall out of the 2008 draft, Parker is just the second woman to ever dunk in a wnba game (the first was Lisa Leslie). she is also the fiance of NBA player shelden williams, a member of the sacramento kings. the kings are my favorite nba team.

sorry if i come off a little sexist in this article, i try to avoid it. i don't have anything against the wnba, it has its own unique style and therefore should not be looked down upon just because it is different from its male counterpart. however, i must admit that i do get caught up in the same psychological complex that many guys suffer from, the wnba-is-for-pussies complex. i apologize but i just cant help making fun of the wnba sometimes

...argh i need to get it out of my system. i was gonna post a family guy clip that made fun of the wnba, but even when i find it, pressing play brings up a message that the video is no longer available. damn copyright issues, taking away so many funny videos!!

im done.

Jul 22, 2008

First post

hey all:

my names lordxrevan. bloggings pretty popular these days so i decided to give it a try. no i'm not a conformist so you can get that conception out of your head, haha

most of my posts are gonna be about life (not necessarily my life, probably more general), entertainment (like videos and music), and the NBA (i am a die-hard basketball fan). so that's where the title of the blog comes from.

hope you guys stop by often and read some of my posts, obviously this is totally up to you and i have no control over it. well i guess if i write some interesting posts then that will persuade people to visit more often, so in a sense i do have control, but yeah whatever. please don't mind my inconsistent capitalization, i dunno but for some reason i don't like the tone established in blogs with proper capitalization. Too formal. but that's just me

Cya around.